New Update Nov 29:New Winter Items!

New Winter Items!

Hey guys!

Jordan reporting in with an ourWorld winter fashion update!

I’m sure you guys’ve all noticed that winter’s totally taken over! There’s snow everywhere, snowmen around every corner, and I’ve even heard there’s been some elf sightings! Well, that’s what Caden said, but that guy says a lot of stuff :\

Caden’s stories aside, I do know we got some awesome new stuff for the holidays and I’m here to tell you all about it!

There’s all sorts of new winter clothing in the Shops. Check out Threads, Sugarstar, Lady King, and Blue Cow to see all the new winter clothing. There’s also some awesome new magical potions and wings in Enchantments so don’t forget to look there too!

And now the two big things everyone wants some info on! Frost Mystery Boxes and Wishing Stars. That’s right! I got the goods on these…goods ^o^

First, let’s talk about the Frost Mystery Box! This thing’s loaded with amazing, icy items! I got some images for you guys:

I heard Yorick is suuuuper rare and hard to get (he’s so cute!!!), and those icicle things are all part of a Flow Boosting set! They’re super cool! Literally ^o~!

And now the Wishing Star!

This is a special sort of Mystery Box that can grant your Flow wishes. When you open this Mystery Box you can get 1 of 5 different sorts of stars and they all give you big chunks of Flow to help you level up! I managed to get the 250 Flow Star on my first try! I want 1000 soooo bad!!

So basically you guys really need to check out all the Shops because there’s tons of great stuff. But it won’t be in the Shops forever! Make sure you get them before the end of December. On January 1st this stuff’s gone!


One Response to New Update Nov 29:New Winter Items!

  1. ruletu says:

    Damn, that sound’s so easy if you think about it.

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