Contest 5: Best Crew Name


Yup I’m gonna make a crew (costs 50 gems, ouch xD)!

Prize: A clothing gift which YOU pick! AND an awesome rank in the crew. :]


15 Responses to Contest 5: Best Crew Name

  1. Jill1213 says:

    What subject does it have to be? I need to know cuz I really REALLY want skates!!! :O

  2. Erika says:

    My name is Xx 3rika xX
    Crew Name:
    The Last Cookie

  3. Jill1213 says:




    I really dont know what else ther is….. Im Jill1213… I hope I win. I need skates so bad! :/

  4. Hannah Casey says:

    OW Name: Hannah Casey
    I request to name:
    1.) X CrazyMay X
    2.) X CrazyLover X
    3.) X KeisakuLover X
    4.) SatuoTrix
    5.) Decoders (Mode)

  5. Jill1213 says:

    OW elite angels

    The last cookie

    angels of death

    angels of hope

    Just messing around with names.
    Cant really think of anything else?
    I thought of some the other day but than I lost them, cuz I forgot to write them down :/

  6. alex128 says:

    ow name: Alex128

    1. Demonic Angels
    2. o0Rocking Angels0o
    3. XxXOwBlackAngelsXxX
    4. oOoLoveAngelsoOo

  7. Amy says:

    Ozx Cxzy Cookies xzO

    There all the ones i can think of reall i hope i win lol i want a frost box lol hehe or ice skates in black oh i hope u add me as a friend to my name is candykid344 bye xxxxxx

  8. Jill1213 says:

    I like ow elite cookies.

    hmm i dont think i have a chance of wining! anyways, i got skates, so i really really want kitty and or bunny ears. 28 gems for both, 14 gems for one.

  9. Jill1213 says:

    hahah one of my syblings sent you a forst mystery box! so sweet! such a oushover though….. im gonna get a frost mystery box because of them! 😀 now i have a chance of getting that face thing, (dont know whats its called) or a frost dress!

  10. alex128 says:

    here are more crew names:
    5. ChaoticAngelz
    6. owAngelcrew

  11. Jill1213 says:

    I changed my mind-lolz- if I win I actually want vamp fangs, (if thats possible) i almost bought them in the market place for the low low-not rlly- price of 250,000 but than someone bought them. 😦

    So than i had that many coins to spend. 😕

  12. RhianRose says:

    Here are some Crew Names:

    1.)oO Crewz oO

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