30 gem code is expired aww

Some of you said “It wont work” coz the 30 gem code is expired aww but i just used that u can get 90 gems but it’s expired

Here are some 30 gems codes that are expired:

(30 gems) 1ac1-bca3-adc7-a0ec

(30 gems) 4875-0916-2448-a424

(30 gems) e4d5-cd35-308a-813a


8 Responses to 30 gem code is expired aww

  1. jhessa says:

    work wow becuse i have toolbar and 30 gems not 90

  2. Jill1213 says:

    😦 Im not allowed to download the toolbar! 😦

  3. kalea says:

    the coupon code say’s that i have usen it but i didn’t use it.:(

  4. jhessa says:

    ok listen type this in search http://w12.ourworld.com/v111/members/?env=ourworld then log in ur email and password then copy first the code ok every coupon codes

  5. jhessa says:

    🙂 if u want download toolbar goto ur ourworld then click the for free then u see the get ourworld toolbar click here then click the picture not the click here then u see the allow it in the top click her then if downloded restar firefox 🙂 ok u want group my crew showtimer girls and add me in ourworld my name is jhessa

  6. =] says:

    coOL!! i’ve got 90 gemZz!!

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