Pandora Items!

Here is a list of all the Pandora Box Items discovered so far!

Athenian Light/Dark Helmet

Athenian Light/Dark Armor

Hermes’ Light/Dark Helmet

Hermes’ Light/Dark Anklets

Hermes’ Light/Dark Staff

Apollo’s Light/Dark Toga

Light/Dark Laurels

Nemean Light/Dark Lion

Gold Leaf Light/Dark Cape

Percy The Pegasus/Cicero The Cerberus (20% boost)

Icarus’s Light/Dark Wings (20 % Boost)

Minotaur Light/Dark Horns

Zeus’ Light/Dark Thunder (20% boost)

Hades’ Pitchfork/ Poseidon’s Trident (Not confirmed)

This was supposed to wait til the 25th, but I couldn’t wait! 😀

*Edit: Pictures:

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