Contest 12: Individual Photos

Hi my friend tell me this contest lol i send ur prize at my Graduation!

How to join the contest:
1.Take a picture at snaps or in any places
2.Send to

Only accepts 10 winners!

First Prize: Mystery Box (which you pick)
Second Prize: Vehicle (which you pick)
Third Prize: Clothing Gift (which you pick)

On March i send your prize (For Contest 11 and 12)


8 Responses to Contest 12: Individual Photos

  1. aLLana25 says:

    cooL!! :]

  2. ow23 says:

    This is going to be fun, I love ur contests!!! 😀

    My BLOG:
    My username on OW: Puppyluv23

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  4. janet12 says:

    hello..i hope ill win the contest..pls pick me..

  5. janet12 says:

    pick me in ur contest… 🙂

  6. Oops im not going to tell the winners just keep it a secret

  7. cristian says:


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