Ok! Here are the winners:

1st Prize (Gold): Janet12 (choose your box :D)
1st Prize (Silver): Leila Swift (choose your box :D)
1st Prize (Bronze): AHMAD123456789 (choose your box :D)

2nd Prize (Gold): Keisha900 (choose your vehicle :D)
3rd Prize (Gold): MiawwwXD (choose your clothing :D)

On March i can send your prize PROMIS!!!
If your not there it means you lose on the contest


3 Responses to Winners!

  1. jhessa says:

    srry who winner in pic ariane

  2. Dizzycakes says:

    hey christine pls do more challenges i love contests! please…. :)))

  3. MiawwwXD says:

    Hey, does clothing include hair?

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