New New New!

Ok , Now you can’t gift yourself by using noob accounts LOL, Here are new updates:

Highlights/Streaks are Available

Now you can’t send gifts! For your noob accounts


You can send gifts if you Purchase Gems



Edit: Do you want to send yourself a gift?


11 Responses to New New New!

  1. Jill1213 says:

    yes i wanna send myself a gift! 😦 😦

  2. Jill1213 says:

    I dont wanna purcahse gems :/

  3. Karlaa4eber says:

    oh my thats why ive had trouble sending a gift for my account GOSH!!and i made those account for nothing bummer 😦 anyway why did they do it? did they nootice that other people are doing noob accounts just to send gifts too your account?? anyway thx for the infoo!!


  4. Jill1213 says:

    Im not ALLOWED to buy gems unless i find one of those game cards, but i cant find them ANYWHERE 😥

  5. ow23 says:

    I cant get the highlights have they been on OW yet?

  6. Russian Rose says:

    :O i am trying to get the highlights but i can’t…..for some reason…why is that???? i mean like where do i buy it???

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