New Updates!

Scooters Vehicles are available to buy:

And scooters and vehicles:

And Wonderland for Potions:

And Live Help:

So, you may have heard the term Volunteer passed around ourWorld, especially since the forums came out. Well, now volunteers can actually help you in the live site! All you have to do is hover over “User Settings” and click on “Request Live Help”
This will send a Volunteer whizzing at the speed of light (and by whizzing, I mean going very fast, not peeing) to help you out with any questions/concerns/etc. I AM a volunteer, so if you run into me, mention you read the blog, and you will get 5 Wolf Credits, which are redeemable…. uhm…. I like giving out the credits, okay? Sheesh.
Now for all the volunteers reading this, after the update, you will receive an extra button nobody except Volunteers get! It’s above the “Express Yourself” Tab on the right side of the screen. Click on it, and you will get something that looks like this:
Well, actually it prompts you to turn ON Helper mode, but anyways, moving on….
When someone in ourWorld needs help and you have Helper Mode ON, the head will turn pink and get an Exclamation Bubble. Click on the Helper App and it will display this:
So then, you select “Travel to them & help” and you will get a message that looks pretty similar to this one:
Thanks to xWolfofSorrow for Vehicles, Potions and Live Help

4 Responses to Updates!

  1. spritz11 says:

    how do you become a helper?

  2. spritz11 says:

    plz i really wanna know

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