New Header and some updt.

I got some new header it is all about Oberon Boxes!

And some updt.

1.) New clothing at Enchantments
2.) Oberon Items Part 2



9 Responses to New Header and some updt.

  1. oODarkMoonOo (Yetvoie) says:

    cool xD



  2. Russian Rose says:

    wow….thats cool!!!! im loving it! =) but is it really true for the Oberon Items Part 2 the items there cost only 1 gem? if it is true that will that would be AMAZING! omg… i cant wait

  3. OMG!! When does it come out?

  4. Ana says:

    OGM!! how did you get it if its not even out yet o.e?

  5. strella havocc says:

    omg. ur already go to new updates?

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