My Goals

Part 1 discussions
–My goals

Become a Resident —-> Not Completed

Get 500 gems —> Mostly Do!
Get 100 gifts lol —> Exactly
Get 100,000 page views –> Not Completed :/

Complete my wishlist —> Nah, i can’t do it

Part 2 discussion

–Save up your Mo Flow!

Flow is a thing where you can get coins, clothes and furniture

If you spend some you will Level Up!
For good flows type test-mode 42 and cryptobiologist

Good News: Today you can get more coins, clothes and furniture!

Part 3 discussion
-Furniture Cheat

I. How to do it
–1. Go to your Condo
–2. Buy some bed or sofa
–3. Make it very big
–4. Sit on it
–5. Remove the sofa or bed by moving it

Then you just fly or just flying lol


2 Responses to My Goals

  1. puppyluv23 says:

    Hey, u say it happens today (5th) but Last cookie said it happens to morrow (6th)????? What one is the real one?

  2. miya says:

    uhmm…. can i as something???

    whew i want to mail 10 usd for 300 gems and 1 month residency

    where do i mail it?

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