Updates + Code

Ok, I found some few updates :D. I’m using my old laptop so that’s why my post is not cooler lol, Anyways here are some pictures XD

new newsboard1

1.Brag Bag – Have some amazing items.Share them by Brag Bag
2.Critter Garden – Your condo has a Garden were you can raise all of your cute and amazing critters!
3.$10 dollar offer – Just mail us 10 dollars get residency 300 gems!

Brag Bag on your profile:

If you click it here’s what it look like:

And also new header, Topic: MarketPlace:

New Code: At the sidebar also click –> Click to Use to use the code

Edit1: Mystery Boxes become 29!


3 Responses to Updates + Code

  1. xOx RaWaN xOx says:

    hey .. i love ur Blog !! Visit My Blog plz : xoxrawanxox.wordpress.com

  2. yo man says:

    what is the ”go to play”?????!!!!!!!!!!

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