~ Now Hiring: Author ~

Hahaha….this is the first time to hire authors here im happie again!!! Here’s your application form:

1. Author Name:
2. A.K.A:
3. Email:
4. Why you need to be a author:
1. Author Name: Natalie/Ow Natalie
2. A.K.A: Nat,Natalii,Natalily
3. Email: chrinne_21@yahoo.com
4. Why you need to be a author: I wanna help Christine
5. Likes: Chocolate


9 Responses to ~ Now Hiring: Author ~

  1. kara says:

    author name: Karalyn OW name: KAralyn 58
    A.K.A: kara. carrot.
    email: Karalynkinz@yahoo.com
    why i want to be an author: I dont know it just liiks like fun and it will give me some idea’s on my website..
    likes: OW, music and other stuff

  2. spritz11 says:

    1. Author Name: spritz11

    2. A.K.A: ermmm… oh yeh! princess pancake

    3. Email: cute_kitten01@hotmail.co.uk

    4. Why you need to be a author: because i love your site and ow 😀

    5. Likes: chocolate pancakes and…. CARROTS (and being random, LOL)

  3. Hey Christie,


    1. AKA: SilverMistDragon
    2. I Like Pancakes
    3. Ure funny… so I Wanna join 😉

    Silver ❤

  4. hey I’m looking for an author in my blog

  5. baby waw says:

    hey ..

    i think ur site is not good ..

    (ITS PERFECT !! )

    SO i wanna help :

    name : baby waw
    i like : OW gam e and authors work .. ( cuz i have a wordpress too .. and its gonna be better with a push from new author too )
    i wanna join cuz : good things to get good things ..
    maybe i wanna come here to make ur blog popular by ur posts there !!

    don’t worry .. i won’t hack ur site ^^”

    ask me there to get my e-mail ..

    and whatttt ??????

    i feel i forgot some thing important .. :S

    ohh yea .. !

    when accept to be an author at ur site ( i’m so proude )

    when accept to be an author at MY blog ( ur welcome =) )

    i’m waiting ur reply .. 🙂

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