oO Chat Oo

Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!


18 Responses to oO Chat Oo

  1. alex128 says:

    How did you add a chatbox in your website…
    I am trying for months to put a chat in my website but I can’t.
    Can you tell me please?

    • anonymous says:

      press (get a chat box)and click on the stuff you want and the (check me out on ourworld) thing you go on ourworld, got press account upgrade, press user setting, press promotion, click download. 🙂 btw my name on ourworld is “OurWorld Is FUN”

      • demil12 says:

        also then click get code and then highlight the code and click copy then go 2 ur page a click paste!

  2. alex128 says:

    And if you can tell me how to add that “Check me on ourWorld”
    thing too.

  3. D@rKd33d$ says:

    hey! kool website by the way!! thx for the gem codes!!

  4. 2hot2trot 1997 on ourworld :O

  5. Lurvemyself says:



  6. Stephen1994 says:

    the gem code this week doesnt work and it didnt work last week either :I i even launched from the toolbar and downloaded it but to no avail WHATS RONG??!?!?!

  7. Stephen1994 says:

    my name on ow btw is Paranormal chk me out!

  8. Paranormal says:

    i really really really really really really really really need a 30 gem code really really really really really really really reallly really really really bad

  9. Paranormal says:

    thats not for the tool bar

  10. NEIL S PAUL says:

    My site is cool
    it is

  11. jayde says:

    thx ur the bomb i never had this much fun on a blog

  12. alexis41123 says:

    this is the best place to talk to my friends thx chrisitien oh ya :p

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